Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part Two: Rise of the Great White Dragon

Session Five in a Swamp!

Recap of session 5:
Having earned a reprieve from the task of following a caravan for two whole months, the adventurers teleport from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep along with the Dragonborn Joe and his master’s wizard connections. After the free ride they have a few moments to hang out in the noble’s house whose basement the teleportation circle was in (insert possible story hook for Barnabas to retcon if needed). At least one player briefly spotted who they thought was Azbara Jos before leaving Waterdeep, but did not make a big issue of it. Then they set out to the Mere of Dead Men to try and follow the lead which indicated that somewhere in the massive swamp is where most of the collected treasure was heading before “that thing that time” that had halted the caravan’s progress.
A LOT happened with fish people (Kua Toa). More could be said by me, but it’s not like most of them remember it the way you do though. A certain dwarf did make a few friends though…
By helping the Kua Toa the heroes have greatly helped themselves. They have found and defeated Odmer and his unexpected allies that come from the Underdark, and have retrieved some very unique treasures. The Kua Toa now have a much higher degree of free movement to the north thanks to you, and they believe that the castle y’all are looking for is somewhere up there. (Side note from DM, I wish I could write more, I had to do this in 15min. As soon as I get more free time in real life I plan to update the characters page a bit).



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