Sariel Nallmin

Stands by her sister,always.


I’m Sariel Nallmin and my sister and I are on a blood oath. It was sworn in the blood of our kin and will end with death to on’ala telban isenatha i is’var falon *the great white dragon and his allies.

Aemilin and I hail from Nesme, a town founded in part by our ancestors. In fact our elder father, Aust Nallmin, fought in the Battle of Many-Arrows to save his beloved town from orcs lead by the base Drow Matron Mother Quenthal Baenre and the white dragon Arauthator. Alas the town fell and the few survivors (600 of 2000) were enslaved by the Drow couple Tiage and Saribel Baenre. Elder father later returned with an army of a thousand to reclaim our birthright. I tell this tale to set a backdrop for today’s story.

Ten Day ago Aemilin and I were hunting orc, as we often do, when we both had an unexplained feeling of dread come upon us and we raced back to town. Once there a horrific sight awaited. The town was under siege by numerous purple robed figures. We also think we saw a large white wing high above us. We hurried home, fighting each inch of the way. Alas, we were far too late. Our lanalin mother lay dead atop asa’var’lin cousin Limima. The twins, Aithlin and Aiwin, were unconscious in a pool of their own blood. Isa’ma’lin brother Odmer lay dead at babae’s father’s feet. Odmer had died protecting babae from the purple robe’s sword. The vile one was dead, Odmer having buried an axe in his skull. Babae’s right arm was barely attached to his body.

Sister and I burned to fight and kill many enemies that day, but were vastly outnumbered and had our wounded to care for. I remembered Elder Father Aust’s tale of secret passages in the city. They were used to retake our town from the cursed Drow. We gathered a few neighbors and went in search of these. The tunnels were found (thank Elder Father and his stories!!), bars pried off, and into the Evermores we ran.

Once there we met with other refugees, traveled further into the moor, and set up camp. The march was too much for Aiwin. He died of his wounds and a fever on the third moon.

Sister and I plotted revenge and were making plans for such when an animal messanger arrived for us. It was from Leosin Erthander, a wandering monk who once helped Aemilin and I when we were hurt and alone in the wilds. He wants us to meet him in Greenest. It is urgent. He speaks of an emeny that is ransacking the land and needs all handy with an axe and bow to help.

We leave on the morrow to answer his call. Surely the purple robes he speaks of are the same group that has caused us unbearable sorrow. It seems history is to repeat itself. Two new Nallmin’s go to fight Arauthator and his minions. May they rest Uan anbanal in the nine hells forever.

Sariel Nallmin

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