Kalin (Colin) Bronzebeard



Kalin is the oldest dwarf you’ve ever seen. He has those knotty little old-man muscles and a stooped posture, but is still capable in combat. His health has remained robust, but he’s lost a step and some strength since his adventuring days. His white beard is voluminous and well groomed, and hides the slight droop to the left side of his face, a remnant of the stroke he suffered several years ago.


Kalin became a warpriest at a young age, and was considered a prodigy. he quickly achieved acclaim and was assigned as chaplain to the unit led by the nephew of the dwarven king. During a goblin war, Kalin discovered the nephew was plotting with goblin leader, essentially trading dwarven lives and one fortress for an excuse to overthrow the king. Kalin confronted the traitor, and the conflict escalated. The nephew was killed, along with most of the unit. Kalin tried to get the survivors back to the city, but only he managed to arrive alive.

There was an inquiry. Though officially cleared of any wrongdoing, leadership (king and church) felt that the truth would expose the political weakness of the king. Kalin was commanded to keep his silence. Discouraged by this deception, he did as he was told, but resigned from both the priesthood and the army, and soon took his family to live in other lands.

He sold his gear from his wartime-adventuring and started a brewery/distillery- Bronzebeard Brews. Over the next couple of centuries, his family grew and other expatriate dwarves joined his enterprise. Kalin’s wife served as a midwife for the town, and Kalin became a respected elder statesman.

15 years ago, Kalin’s wife passed away, leaving him in a depressed state. 8 years ago, he suffered a stroke, although clerical magic and potions were able to blunt most of the damage. After years of determined rehabilitation, he is back to form, though only as well as a beginning adventurer rather than the veteran he was. He still suffers some mental difficulties due to the stroke and some age-related dementia.

He has rejoined the adventuring lifestyle since he is confident his family are able to run the business without him, and he wants to “go out” in service to society and Moradin. He attempts to hide his moments of dementia, but is finding it to be harder and harder.

Kalin (Colin) Bronzebeard

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