Intelligent looking Elf with a Big Axe!!!


She has an axe to grind!


Hello. My name is Aemilin Nallmin Avenger of the Fallen (my FAMILY calls me Aemi). I grew up at the edge of the Evermores in Faetown of Nesme. My family was part of the founding of this whole city, but we quickly became minorities in this place. Still our family was deeply rooted in the city and eventually more of our kind came and settled near us and our own little cultural home of Faetown grew and became known by all in the city. We are rooted here in Faetown wich is located closest to the Evermores in Nesme.

However, as life often seems to go my families story, as well as my own, is colored by the blood of our own people. This twisted tale started only a few years ago, 754 to be exact, when my grandfather faced the Orc Kindgom of Many-Arrows that was being led by the Dirty Drow Matron Mother Quenthel Baenre to attack our city. Our precious city was temporarily defeated and within 150 years was back to it’s prosperous and lively comunity we once were.

Then roughly 750 years after that dreadful attack, my sister Sy and I were ourt tracking down the orcs who had decided to move too close to our city. We cut our hunt short because something didn’t seem right. We returned to the only home we had ever known and found it under attack! Sy and I were so focused on keeping the orcs away from our city that we had missedd the Stupid Sneaky Dragon Cult moving in (WELL NEVER AGAIN!) All we saw when we returned was The Purple Robes, our family being destroyed, and the White Death’s wings. Rumors had mention that the previous attacks had help from this dragon… but it couldn’t have possibly been… Well it must have been! When Si and I were finally able to sneak into the city and save what was left of our family we were faced with disaster. Lanalin mother had been defeated trying to save the da’lin child Limima. Our asa’var’lin cousins Aithlin and Aiwin, male twins, were dying. Our poor isa’ma’lin brother Odmer was already dead. And babae father had a terrible wound to his right arm that ended with him loosing it! We were able to sneak our wounded, dying, and dead family out of the village through the el’u etuna secret pass and out to the Evermores where we buiried our dead and tried to save the dying. Babae father and Aithlin survived and recovered enough for us to move to a refugee camp. Si and I made a blood vow to Avenge our Fallen family.