Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part Two: Rise of the Great White Dragon

The Caravan Experience

So it turns out that the party is tough to chew on. What should have been a looong caravan to follow the dragon cult and their treasure, has turned into an attack by an adult"ish" dragon who still retains some young properties (but won’t likely on the next meeting) in which the party performed the improbable and made it flee. Having returned to Waterdeep with a partial return of treasure, and the unexpected information that the caravans and ships have been bringing treasure north of Waterdeep to a castle in the Mere, it seems that a long and sloooow stretch of road is no longer in the party’s future. On a side note, the Wizard Joe will soon be teleporting to Waterdeep by a colleague of his mentor’s to perform additional work at his request. There may be a possibility that the party could tag along, if they play their cards right…



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