Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part Two: Rise of the Great White Dragon

letters from Sariel Arrival at Greenest

I’ll be posting letters Sariel writes to her grand dad. These will tell the adventure from her point of view and include her thoughts about her companions. Be nice or she’ll tell!!

Dearest Elder Father Aust,
Amei and I set forth ti Greenest with a passing caravan. You always said “Safety in Numbers”. All was well til we approached the city. Those dirty, rotten purple robes beat us there! Smoke filled the sky, citizens were fleeing their homes, and something large flew above.
We had to help these poor souls! I thought of you and all we had lost not so long ago.
Sister and I were joined by two like minded people from the caravan. The dwarf Kalin Bronzebeard and human Curzon of the Black Lake Abby helped to load a wagon with supplies and off to the city we raced.
Near the city we see two towns people and many children being attacked by Dragonrats. We are able to save them, praise Selune. The nasty kobolds had been looting the town! We sent the survivors to join the caravan in hiding and continue into Greenest.
Once there, the town is surrounded and we see no way in. It was then that the clever Curzon lit the wagon, pushed it into the crowd, and cleared a path for us. While running for the keep, we see a monk being carried off by dragon rats while a blue dragon supervises. I fear it might be Leosin! He’s too far away! We can’t reach him!!
Inside the keep we meet Governor Nighthill, town leader and Escobert the Red, manager of the keep. Bronzebeard immediately tends the wounded. From the window we witness mass looting and destruction. The purple robes were shouting orders to dragon rats, all the while making sure their hides were safe. Purple robes are cowards and have no honor.
We offer to help and Escobert the Red has three needs. The mill is about to be burned, leaving the survivors without food for the winter, people seeking safety are trapped in the chapel, and town leaders desire a captive to question. After a brief discussion, we start with the chapel.
At the chapel we find dragon rats, an orc, and one purple robe. Inside the building we see no movement and an already looted interior. It’s a diversion that luckily we aren’t deceived by.
On the way to the mill we fight off more dragon rats, taking a few minor cuts. These vermin have been looting for we found them with various mechanical objects of value.
At the mill are humans fleeing five dragon rats, one with a horn. We fail to take out the horn blower before he sounds the alarm.
The dragon rats were no match for our weapons and three souls are sent to the nine hells before a great blue dragon appears from above. It lacks a breath weapon. Instead it has the power to inflict terror upon all who see it.
I felt myself almost give in to its power but remained steadfast. My dearest Aemi was not so fortunate. She trembled in my arms a full minute before coming to her senses. Little does that dragon know it would have been better for him had she not been frightened.
She has a bloodlust for his hide now. We all know what happens when Aemi carries a grudge!
Stangely, the blue flew off while we killed the remaining dragon rats. Our theory is that the beast was merely frightening folk, and not truly interested in this battle. This curious development will need further thought.
Now we are free to find a captive and our opportunity arrives near the town’s cistern. We spy six dragon rats (so many of them today!!), a drake, and a dirty rotten stinking drow. It was a hard won battle, and Aemi went down twice!! Our new friends proved brave and skilled in combat.
Kalin’s divine power saved Aemi while Curzon’s arrows flew true. We kill all the vermin and take the race traitor captive. He is wearing a strange badge depicting a dragon’s claw. Perhaps the governor and keep master know it’s meaning.
Back at the keep Curzon helps with the interrogation. I offered to help and was relieved when he declined. I have little desire to harm outside of battle. The human used a strange combination of rum and a dagger to extract information.
I remained outside the door and have no clue to his methods. Curzon told us the race traitor said their job was to loot the town. The vile drow told us his job was to babysit a dragon and that the great blue works for an even more powerful dragon.
My mind staggers at the thought!! Is this the start of a dragon war? Why would dragons need scum doing their work, when a dragon can easily level an entire city in a few passes? Is the white and blue working together for a dragon that masters them both? Or, gods forbid, are there more than three dragons plotting and scheming?
Oh Elder Father, I fear to know the answers.
Just as we thought our night’s work was over, the blue slams his body against the keep. It was deafening! Everyone started to run but the wise Kalin told us it was another ruse. The keep was far to sturdy for the dragon to level and the dragon himself knew this.
Kalin is as goodly as he is wise for he comforted Aemi. He told her many are frightened by the blue’s gaze and there was no shame in her retreat. Many hardy warriors flee when stared down by big blue.
Elder Father, Kalin speaks with compassion and wisdom, reminding me of you.
By now one would think a rest was near, but alas it was not to be. For a call rang out from one of those awful dragon rat horns and in the courtyard stood several more dragon rats (will they NEVER all die!?) and a blue half dragon.
Yes, a true half dragon, not a dragonborn. He was a fierce sight to behold, with scales that reflected the blood moon and white gleaming horns.
Below him lay a young one, half beaten to death. The creature, named Langdarosa Cyanwrath, bellowed out a challenge. We were to send out a champion for one to one combat or he would slaughter the young one!
Does their cruelty know no end? Kalin offed his weapon but Aemi insisted on going. She still burned with vengeance against the great blue and realllly needed something to hit.
She matched him blow for blow in honorable combat but was losing till Kalin healed her from afar. Just then a dragon rat threw a large stone into the fray. This was our signal to fight them all!
My first target was the stone thrower, for he had been torturing a small creature. I killed the cruel torturer and as the small creature flew away, I saw a drake with metallic scales!! A good drake, can you imagine!? It left us with a boon of increased vitality, insuring a victory for the good guys.
Only now will we find a rest. Curzon and Kalin have bedded down, Aemi taken the first watch, and I write to you before my trance. Selune has blessed our mission by providing two good and true companions to fight with.
I burn to kill the great white but there is work to be done here. I hear echos in Greenest of my beloved Nesme and can not abandon these good folk. Forgive me Elder Father, if I have made the wrong choice.
There is also Leosin to consider. He once saved Aemi and I, and I pray we can find him whole and unharmed. My instinct tells me that Curzon and Kalin will readily aid us in this mission.
Curzon has much skill with the bow and carries himself with distinction and honor. Unlike most humans, he is quiet and chooses his words carefully when speaking. This Black Lake Abby trained him well and I eagerly await tales of it.
Kalin Bronzebeard is a cleric of Moridan, healing and fighting with the blessing of his god. He is advanced in age but willing to serve.I worry about him, fearing for his health and safety in these dangerous times. I pledge to do everything I can to ease his way without insulting his honor and manhood.
Goodnight, dearest Elder Father. I will keep Aemi safe and write when I can. Please offer prayers to our gods for the safety of all .
Love, your favorite grandchild



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