Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part Two: Rise of the Great White Dragon

Letter from Sariel , Leosin's rescue

Sariel loses her cool

Dear Elder Father Aust,

Our second day at Greenest is even busier than the first. Curzon has forgone sleep, choosing to help the town leaders with martial and organizational tasks. The new day also brings two travelers to town that pledge their arms to our cause. Barnabas Sliverfoxis a human sage and his companion is Rieta the Teifling bars. They came to Greenest based on a feeling from Rieta. I’ve never met a tiefling or a seer! Am excited to work with her…….. Our mission today is from Nesim, a companion of Lesoin. We are to rescue Leosin from the vile cultists. Rieta obtains valuable intel from the prisoners and we set off….. The day is lovely, but that alone will not stop the evil in the cultists hearts. On the way we walk into a caltrop trap and battle 6 kobolds and 2 drakes lead by a purple robe wearer. They are defeated and the rest of our journey is without resistance…… Before we reach the encampment, our group is blessed with a most amazing boon. We find the metallic drakeling dying in the brush. He has reached the end of his life expectancy so magical healing is useless. We delay long enough to comfort him and bury his body with religious rights. As he passes into the next realm, we hear a “Thank You” in our heads and suddenly find a small bag tied around his neck. Within are five magic rings. Each offer protection from one type of chromatic dragon breath. What a wonderful gift!!…… The encampment is far larger then anyone expected, with approximately 85 humanoids and 200 kobolds. I don’t understand how so many people can be lead astray by evil acts and false promises. Our plan is simple, Barnabas and Rieta will pose as cultists , with the rest of us as new recruits, and we’ll say our orders are to move the prisoner Leosin. This actually works! Tymora’s aid was with us for the camp was moving anyway and Rieta charmed a new recruit to help us. This poor guy not only helped us, but accepted a field promotion from Rieta. I’m so glad she’s on our side!….. We returned to Greenest after nightfall with a grateful Leosin. He had much intel from his time spent at camp and is now with the town leaders discussing strategy. I’m sure they will have a new mission ready for us by morning…… Elder Father, I have really messed up. Aemi and I had a huge fight. I didn’t have enough sense to take it inside behind closed doors. I yelled, didn’t truly listen to the meaning of her words, and acted rashly. You always said I had too much of mother’s temper in me and it showed. I totally forgot everything you taught me, and let my emotions over rule my rational thought. I brought shame on the family name and will try to make this publicly right tomorrow. I don’t know if she can forgive me, and perhaps she shouldn’t. I’ve shown myself to be totally lacking in judgement. I’m not sure I’m fit to continue on this mission with her and my other worthy companions. I’ll take a double trance tonight, pray, and make offerings to Selune. I’ll also pray to Oghma for the wisdom to make the proper choices….. Elder Father I’ll close this letter with a word of warning. Please, please use extreme caution during these dangerous times. Many situations, circumstances, and people are not as they seem. Be alert and quick to look for deeper meaning and deception. It upsets me that I can’t be more specific than this. All the facts aren’t in, and this letter might be intercepted by the enemy. Your wisdom runs deep and I’m sure you will discover the truth and keep the family safe….. Aemi and I love you dearly and we hope to return home soon. Sariel ….



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