Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part Two: Rise of the Great White Dragon

Chapter Two Conclusion:

As the sun rises on a new day in Greenest, it almost feels like a betrayal that one of the nicest days of the year with such beautiful natural surroundings would be in juxtaposition with such a ravaged town. That’s enough of the big words, the dwarf is awake now, the elves have finished their meditation, and Curzon has skipped his long rest in favor of managing the affairs of the town, keeping townspeople running their tasks like clockwork, while still finding time to soften up the prisoners at the request of both the Governor and Escobert the Red. There are two new arrivals in town, a Tiefling Bard and a Human Sage with a secret, who realized as they viewed the town on the horizon that they were too late to lend direct aid, but were still willing to assist in any way that they could.
Whether one would call it right place at the right time or wrong place at the wrong time, they arrived at the Keep in time for the Bard to lift spirits with an impressive performance, and for the two of them to become involved with some of the town’s leaders, temporary management, and other talented individuals who were now local heroes. A meeting of the minds occurred, a little bit of interrogation on the side, and before they knew it the two newcomers who were no strangers to the road found their offers of aid accepted as they travelled alongside two elf sisters and the oldest dwarf they had ever seen.
While the group was aware that there may have been a rearguard near the camp, and even stragglers, they did not realize that the last minute defeat of Cyanwrath had the cult on high alert, and a closer to town ambush was ready for them. The party was able to use their skills to get survive, and they learned that there was much more to this Human Sage than they had initially suspected. The skills of the Ranger proved very useful as they progressed further down the path without incident and led her to a discovery. The handicapped Drakeling (ie Pseudodragon) whose tiny stature seemed even smaller this time, as it was most certainly near its final moments of life. Someone, or something must have known of the party, because it had a small pouch that was seemingly for them. They showed compassion on the creature as they took the time to help it find comfort and kept it company so it did not die alone as it passed from this life to the next.
Perhaps it was a minor miracle that led them to the camp without further incident, and perhaps also a minor miracle that they were able to gain the unwitting aid of a young cultist initiate which helped them to retrieve the Monk that they came for and escape, or perhaps it was just luck. There is a certain green scaled Dragonborn in the cult who believes in miracles, as he is certain that his prior death as an Elf in Nesme was preordained, for when his cousins brought him back using a spellscroll, he came back with the full blessings and admiration of the mighty Tiamat as his newfound heritage clearly reflects, which serves to further increase his prestige. Odmer Verdana does not believe in luck, everything happens as it does for a reason…



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