Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part Two: Rise of the Great White Dragon

Chapter One Conclusion

During the previous episode, The Sacking of Greenest, a small group of travelers encountered the town when it was in a state of distress, and they quickly found themselves working together and using their skills to lend aid as much as they possibly can. A learned man trained in the arts of investigation and tactics seized the opportunity to blaze a path into the Keep, while two elves kept their eyes out for every opportunity to get revenge on dragons and anybody associated with them. A venerable dwarf proved to be a steadying influence, and a calm in the center of the storm. As they moved throughout the grassy terrain while keeping relatively discreet, the travelers progressively took on the role of Heroes, and on subsequent trips to/fro the Keep, many depressed and weary villager faces would light up with excitement because hope for their continued survival had arrived!

Of course nobody in town actually expected anybody to slay a dragon or completely thwart the efforts of the overwhelming number of attackers, the heroes were vital in the town’s defense and are credited with saving many lives by their actions, and also managed to recover some of the town’s looted goods which seemed to have been the real target. The calm temperament of the seasoned dwarf prevented chaos as the Evil Blue Dragon attempted his ruse, and the order to stand fast inside the Keep was given. The human inquisitor wasted no time in softening up their very first prisoner, so that by the very next day he will likely be sure to break and exchange any information for even a hint of freedom. As one elf sister did the unthinkable and accepted a one on one challenge with a Half Dragon now called prisoner number 2, the merciful actions of the other sister was a turning point that ensured the powers-that-be were on the side of the heroes! It took all of the heroes working together on the side of good, but the seemingly last minute blow that has been dealt to the cult will most certainly be felt. After the action had settled down, the humility and pious actions when the mighty adventurers decided to leave loot in the temple that they properly concluded really belongs to the town may have garnered some unknown attention as well…

The next adventure will begin as the sun rises on a new day, and a new chapter in the lives of our heroes continues to unfold…

Will the sisters find a path to their White Dragon? Will the human be in the right place at the right time with his special training and services? Will the dwarf get a nap?


Naps are very important. Almost as important as ale.

Chapter One Conclusion

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